DA-K-216-06-2436 Pack1

DA-K-216-06-2436 Pack1

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product description

  • Straingage Fullbridge;
  • Connection: 5m cable;
  • Bridge Resistance 400 Ohm +-15%;
  • Dimensions 7.9mm x 6.4mm;
  • Grid legth: 1.8mm;
  • with 5m cable, Ø 2.2mm, 4-pole, shielded;
  • Packaging unit: 1 piece;
  • Carrier material: Polyimide
  • This straingage with 5m cable is made for testing purposes, e.g. for the measurements of deformation on silo stands, for measurements on axis of vehicules, on tanks or on steel beams.

    The installation is made within minutes with M-Bond 200.