K6D-CalibrationMatrix SL

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product description

  • Calibration matrix with error compensation for 6-axis force/torque sensors up to 20kN and up to K6D154
  • for one nominal load
  • nominal load vector: standard or according to customer requirements
  • please choose the variant: 2-point / 4-point / 6-point / 10-point calibration
  • 12 orientations along the coordinate axes
  • attaching a calibration mark to the device
  • 36 calibration factors for scaling the sensor output signals to Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
  • factory calibration certificate with traceability to DAkkS standard parts
  • the calibration matrix is a necessary component for the operation of the multi-axis sensors K6D and F6D
  • Matrix-Plus is included in the following options: SL/4 - SL/10
more information about the K6D-calibration