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product description

  • type: load cell;
  • nominal force: 50kN, 100kN, 200kN;
  • accuracy class: 0,5 %;
  • dimensions: Ø115 mm x 60 mm;
  • force transmission: load button R160, Ø32 mm;
  • connection: 5 m Unitronic FD CP TP Plus / 3x2x0,14;
  • material: stainless steel;
  • weight: 2,9 kg;


  • electronic: GSV-15L;
  • analog output: 0...10V /  4-20mA;
  • digital input for automatic zero adjustment;
  • digital input for autoscale;
  • digital threshold output;

The force sensor KM115 is used for the measurement of compressive forces. The sensor is fastened either with 4 bolt M12 from the bottom side, or with 4 bolts M10 from the upper side

The force is inserted onto a calotte with radius 160mm

Option: integrated amplifier with 4...20mA output or 0...10V output with autozero- autoscale and threshold switch.

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