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product description

  • type: crack propagation sensor, ultraminiature,
  • measuring range: ±0,5mm,
  • accuracy class: 1%,
  • dimensions: 21mm x 14mm x 15mm;
  • connection: 3m cable STC-31V-4 / STC-36T-4, diameter. 2,2mm, PVC;

Crack propagation sensor in ultraminiature design. Applications: crack monitoring in listed buildings, monitoring of welding seams of machines, measurement of displacement and deformation on containers, tanks and components.
Due to the small weight the crack propagation sensor CS05 is suitable for deformation measurements with crash tests.



„Holt-Weld Applicator LT“ with „Quadtrack Converter“ Scotch-Weld 3779 Adhesive alternatively: M-Bond 101, or M-Bond 31 + Dispensing gun WS-14 + mixing nozzles