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  • Variant: SubD15HD

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product description

  • 8-channel strain measurement amplifier in aluminum housing;
  • Standard Variant;
  • Dimensions: 172 x 172 x 55 mm;
  • 8 SUB-D15 HD inputs for sensor;
  • Inputs configurable for strain gauge full-, half- quarter bridge;
  • Input voltage + 10V, Temperature sensor PT1000;
  • Thermocouple Type K, IEPE Sensors;
  • 1x SUB-D25 connector for 8x analog output + -10V or 4 ... 20mA (scalable);
  • 1x USB port;
  • 1x SUB-D25 connector for 16x GPIO;
  • 1x SUB-D 9 connector for UART/RS232/RS422;
  • 24-bit resolution;
  • Frequency 48kS / s simultaneously on all 8 channels;
  • configurable fourth order filters: low pass, band pass, band-stop, high-pass;
  • configurable data rate;
  • Support K6D sensors;
  • Supply voltage 12V ... 28V DC;
  • weight: 1.25 kg;
  • environmental protection: IP64;

More Information about GSV-8

Data acquisition with online display, viewer for recorded TDMS files, export to CSV, Excel, configuration of measuring amplifiers.

Easy handling...

A Windows DLL is available for the measurement amplifiers with interface (GSV-2, GSV-3, GSV-4, GSV-6 and GSV-8).

The Windows DLL allows you to create your own application software. In C ++ or Visual C or Labview or MATLAB.