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product description

  • 2 - channel straingauge amplifier in aluminum housing;
  • connection: plug connector;
  • dimensions: 126 mm x 85 mm x 25 mm;
  • input sensitivity: 2 / 3,5 / 10 mV/V;
  • interface: 1x USB port, 2x 5pol. circular connectors series 763;
  • limiting frequency: 1250 Hz;
  • supply voltage: 4,5 V...5.5 V DC;
  • resolution: 16 Bit;
  • weight: 204 g;
  • environmental protection: IP40;


  • one-channel-device
  • variant with 2 mV/V or 3.5 mV/V available
  • connection for potentiometric displacement transducer (0-4.2 volt) or active sensors (±10 Volt)


  • Datasheet

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  • Manuals

  • Software

Data acquisition with online display, viewer for recorded TDMS files, export to CSV, Excel, configuration of measuring amplifiers.

Easy handling...

A Windows DLL is available for the measurement amplifiers with interface (GSV-2, GSV-3, GSV-4, GSV-6 and GSV-8).

The Windows DLL allows you to create your own application software. In C ++ or Visual C or Labview or MATLAB.

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