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product description

  • 1- channel straingauge amplifier as a printed circuit board;
  • connection: solder connection;
  • dimensions: 30mm x 40.5mm x 6.5mm;
  • analog output: -5V...+5V / -10V...+10V;
  • limit frequency: 250Hz / 2,5kHz;
  • input sensitivity: 1 / 2 / 3,5 mV/V;
  • supply voltage: 10V..28V DC;
  • weight: 9 g;

The PCB GSV-1L measures only 30mm x 40.5mm x 6.5mm and can be easily integrated as an addon on larger PCB boards (Pin headers are integrated).

The high limiting frequency of 250 Hz is suitable for the detection of static and dynamic signals from sensors with strain gauges.

The automatic automatic zero adjustment store settings permanently in the nonvolatile memory also by voltage interruption.


voltage output with 5 volt filter for 2,5kHz

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