GSV-1A4 M12/2

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product description

  • 4 - channel straingauge amplifier in aluminum housing;
  • connection: plug connector m12;
  • dimensions: 170mm x 109mm x 35mm;
  • analog output: ± 10V and 4 ... 20mA (zero signal = 12mA) via 15-pin SUB-D (female);
  • limit frequency: 250Hz / 2,5kHz;
  • input sensitivity: 2 mV/V;
  • supply voltage: 11V..30V DC;
  • weight: 450 g;
  • accessories (incl.): mating connector SUB-D15 with cable, desktop power supply 18V/30W;
  • accessories (excl.): M12 round plug connector (male)
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