PI-3 8AS

Product.Nr.: 8878

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product description

  • Rasperry PI-3 in the GSV-8AS housing cover;
  • Optional accessory for GSV-8AS;
  • 1x Raspberry PI B3;
  • 1x S-UPS shield for uninterrupted power supply;
  • 1x connection cable for power supply and UART interface to GSV-8AS;
  • 2x USB port and 1x Ethernet M12 connector;
  • 1x Buffer Battery 200mAh;
  • Version without operating system and without application software;
  • Suitable for the development of data loggers;
  • Integrated battery charging function;
  • Real-time clock for time-controlled switching on and off;
  • Dimensions 90mm x 60mm x 35mm;
  • Weight 100 g;