ME-measurement systems offers comprehensive service for strain gauges, force sensors and measurement electronics
Service includes:

Test reports

The test report is included with the purchase of a sensor. The test report of a force or torque sensor contains: the characteristic value, the zero signal, the zero offset after 100% load. A 2-point calibration is performed.

Factory Calibration Certificate


The factory calibration certificate also takes into account the requirements of DIN EN ISO /IEC 17025 and ISO 9000. In contrast to the Test report a 5-point calibration is performed. This also allows to measure the span (reproducibility) at different load levels, as well as the characteristic curve and linearity error.

Our factory calibration certificates serve as proof to the monitoring according to DIN ISO 9001: 2008


DAkkS calibration certificate

The DAkkS calibration certificate is issued, in contrast to factory calibration certificate from an accredited agency. We provide DAkkS calibration certificates in cooperation with the "MPA calibration GmbH" Berlin.



We offer repairs of force and torque sensors of all Manufacturers by quotation.


Strain gauge installation

We install strain gauges on your devices, even on site. We rent the multi-channel electronics for short-term or long-term monitoring of your machines or buildings and offer online monitoring services.

Sensor Development


We develop and manufacture the sensor for your application.