Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, USB 2.0 Micro

EUR 29,00

excl. shipping costs

HAL501 1m

Hall Effect swich;
rotational speed sensor for GSV-3BT FB/RS

EUR 9,00

excl. shipping costs

Ladekabel 0,50 m rot/schwarz mit Steckern

Recharger cable 0,5m, 4mm plug to connect with akku charger, Molex plug to connect the accumulator 2,6Ah or 500mAh;

EUR 14,00

excl. shipping costs

Bluetooth USB-Dongle UD100

Bluetooth USB-Dongle for extended range

EUR 63,00

excl. shipping costs

Charger M8

2m Connecting cable 4x0,25/PVC, with M8-round plug (female), 4-pole, Series 718

EUR 21,00

excl. shipping costs

Li-Ion 1S/1P/2600mAh

Capacity: 2600 mAh, Voltage: 3,7 V, Minimum discharge Voltage: 2,75V, Charge current (max): 0,28A (1C), Charge voltage (max.): 4,2V (4,2V +- 0,03V), Weight 47,0 g, Dimensions: 65mm x 18,40mm;

EUR 20,52

excl. shipping costs

Charger Ultramat 14 plus

Charging sockets 4mm, Power supply 230VAC or 12V DC, 1-14 NiMh cells, 1-5 Li-ion cells, 1-5 Li-Po cells, 1-6 Pb cells, charging current 0.1A-5A, Trickle Charge, Dimensions : 148mm x 146mm x 54mm

EUR 82,94

excl. shipping costs