TEDS (Transducer Electronic data Sheet)

The electronic data sheet for sensors stores important data of the sensor, e.g. data for identification of the sensor and the manufacturer, calibration factors, date of calibration, interval for the next calibration, and much more.

With TEDS, a "Plug & Play" configuration of the measurement amplifier is achieved when using a corresponding measurement amplifier. Especially in systems with a large number of sensors, the reliability of the measurement data is significantly improved.

The data format of the TEDS is standardized in the IEEE1451.4. The data is organized in so-called "templates".

The basic template contains manufacturer data.

Template # 33 is for Force Sensors, Template # 35 is for Strain Gages.


The memory chip for the TEDS is a 1-wire EEPROM, DS24B33 + from Maxim with 16x 256 bytes storage capacity.

Pin1: GND;

Sensor connector with TEDS memory DS24B33 +

The measuring amplifiers GSV-6K, GSV-6L, GSV-6ETH and GSV-8 are suitable for reading TEDS. When switching on, the data is read out and the measuring amplifier is automatically configured.