Wireless and data loggers

data logger



  • 1-channel data logger via USB and GSVmulti: GSV-2TSD-DI and GSV-3USB
  • 2-channel data logger via USB and GSVmulti: GSV-3USBx2
  • 4-channel data logger via USB and GSVmulti: GSV-4USB
  • 6-channel data logger via USB and GSVmulti: GSV-6DEV
  • 8-channel data logger via USB and GSVmulti: GSV-8DS



  • 6-channel Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth Classic: GSV-6BT




Display data logger GSV-2

  • 1-channel sense amplifier
  • high resolution of the measurement;
  • Datalogger with SD card incl. (GSV-2MSD-DI);
  • Various applications: in the laboratory as desktop unit (GSV-2TSD-DI), mobile outdoor unit (GSV-2MSD-DI), installation in control cabinet (GSV-2FSD-DI);
  • Additional interfaces: USB, Ethernet, CANbus

Bluetooth measuring amplifier and data logger GSV-4 and GSV-6 wireless

LAN / WLAN amplifier GSV-6 wireless

  • high-resolution and interference-free data communication;
  • GSV-6 series 6-channel IoT amplifier;
  • Measuring frequency: up to 300Hz (GSV-6) simultaneously for all channels;
  • integrated Li-Ion battery with high capacity;
  • Documentation of the measurement by means of protocols;
  • Protection class: IP66

WIFI amplifier GSV-8 wireless

  • 8-channel strain gauge amplifier with WLAN interface;
  • high-resolution wireless data transmission;
  • 24-bit;
  • Data frequency: 48kHz simultaneously on 8 channels