How to use GSV-3LS

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How to use GSV-3LS

Beitragvon jlamperez » Di 10. Jul 2018, 16:01


I am having some problems trying to communicate with the GSV-3LS amplifier. Here an image of how I have connected:


I am using a TTL-232R cable to communicate with the amplifier and my computer as you can see at the bottom of the image.

I have downloaded GSVmulti version 1.40 but when I try to connect to the amplifier through COM port I have this Error:


and when if I try with GSVterm I have a similar issue:

Code: Alles auswählen


Enter COM-port number: 3

Accessing COM 3. Please wait...
Unable to communicate at COM 3 with any known device

I have downloaded Hype!Terminal and after set up the Serial Port with 38400bps 8N1 and start sending some values for example 150 I have something like this:


I am a little bit lost and I don't understand how I need to proceed to get data using the GSV-3LS can someone help me and tell how to start?

Is GSV-3LS well configured to work with UART or I need to use another kind of cable?

Thank ou very much,


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Re: How to use GSV-3LS

Beitragvon Kabelitz » Mi 11. Jul 2018, 07:35

if the terminalprograms receives hieroglyphics, the reason is often a wrong baud rate. But baud rate should be 38400 as default. Nevertheless, perhaps you have changed it. You can go back to 38400, by connecting the PIN RB0 with GND. Then power off-on.

Note: 150 is no valid command! You can easily change the configuration by wrong commands, because gsv-3LS has very short commands!
To load default configuration, you must send two characters: 0x09 0x01
note: these are no readable characters!

best regards

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Re: How to use GSV-3LS

Beitragvon jlamperez » Mi 11. Jul 2018, 11:35

Hi Holger,

Thank you very much for your answer connecting RB0 to GND solved my problem and now I am able to get measures using GSVmulti.

Where can I find the protocol commands for the GSV-3LS? Is GSVmulti suitable to send this commands and see the answer or do you have any other program for this?

Best regards,


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Re: How to use GSV-3LS

Beitragvon QME » Mi 11. Jul 2018, 11:49

Dear Jlamperez,

great that now works everything fine.
We have some document under the following url ... com_en.pdf

There you can find a list of the allowed hex commands for the GSV-3, but you can also use some DLL from us.

You can find it here:
also some examples under

GSVMulti is our software for DAQ and recording of measurement values, you can tare your bridge amplifier or save settings, there are the main functions included, but it`s not possible to add own commands there.

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