Measuring amplifier with continuous analogue signal flow (current, voltage) and low-pass filtering from 20Hz to 10kHz for combination with already existing data acquisition. Optimum addition of voltage inputs with low noise strain gauges.

1-, 4-, 8- and 16-channel strain gauge amplifier GSV-1

  • 1-, 4-, 8- and 16-channel measuring amplifiers;
  • for dynamic measurements with high frequencies;
  • high bandwidths of 250Hz, 2.5kHz or 10kHz;
  • Housing types: circuit board, DIN rail, aluminium, Potting;
  • Current or voltage output;

1-channel Strain gauge measurement amplifier GSV-6 with TEDS

  • Analog amplifier GSV-6K, GSV-6L;
  • Simple configuration via "ClickR ClackR";
  • Tare and Scale functions;
  • Setting from:
    Measuring range in mV/V, output signal type, output offset, sampling frequency, autoscale level in%, threshold transmitter;
  • Video guide available;
  • Analog output: -10V ... + 10V or 4 ... 20mA;
  • Data frequency 10Hz ... 25kHz;
  • TEDS interface;

DIN rail strain gauge amplifier GSV-11

  • 1-channel amplifier;
  • unidirectional analog output (positive);
  • only tensile or pressure measurement possible;
  • low-cost electronics with only 20Hz cut-off frequency;
  • Output signal: 0V ... + 10V / 4 ... 20mA;
  • A better alternative is GSV-1H

Strain gauge amplifier GSV-13i/q as printed circuit board

  • smallest circuit board in the world;
  • 1-channel strain gage amplifier;
  • Autoscale and autozero function;
  • Output signal: voltage (0.05 ... 10V) or current (4 ... 20mA);
  • high cutoff frequency: 1000 S / s;
  • Supply voltage 18V..28V DC;
  • suitable for integration in sensors and measuring pins

Strain gauge amplifier GSV-14 as printed circuit board

  • 1-channel strain gauge amplifier as printed circuit board;
  • Low output signal: 0 ... 3V;
  • Zeroing and scaling via fixed resistors;
  • for use in battery or battery operated equipment;
  • Supply voltage: 3,4V ... 10V DC;

Strain gauge amplifier GSV-15

  • 1-channel strain gauge amplifier;
  • Analog - digital - analogue signal conversion;
  • fully configurable analog output;
  • two thresholds;
  • Output: current or voltage;
  • as printed circuit board / DIN rail housing / terminal box;
  • Protection class: IP66 (GSV-15KL4)