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Force Sensors

ME-measurement systems produces force sensors from 100 mN to 3 MN.

In addition to the standard force sensor we produce force sensors with very small dimensions or retrofitting systems for force measurement, such as Strain sensors and load bolts.

ME-measurement systems develops and manufactures force sensors specifically for your application, since a quantity of one piece.

The S-Type force sensor (type KD's) is primarily used for calibration, such as a force sensor for testing machines, and monitoring of assembly and joining processes. Due to the internal thread this type can measure tensile and compressive force.

The double bending beam (type KD) is technically structured as an S-shape force sensor, however, introduction of force is not in alignment.

The membrane load cells (type KM) are due to the spherical force input mainly for measuring pressure force.

The series KMz is equipped with external threads and is particularly suitable in the integration of push rods or plungers.

With the 3-axis force sensors (series K3D, K3R) we can detect forces in the 3 spatial directions. The 1-axis force sensors are compensating the perpendicular forces and bending moments and torques.

The 6-axis "multi-axis force / torque sensors measure forces and moments in the three spatial directions.