Rental2-GSV-4GPRSx2 M12

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product description

  • Rental fee for the second month for:
  • 8-channel straingage amplifier with GPRS wireless modem;
  • the GSV-4GPRS is ideal for the connection of straingage full-bridges half-bridges, quarter-bridges 350 Ohm;
  • Power input 0...10V, Temperature sensor PT1000;
  • IP66 housing with 8 flange receptacle M12;
  • Sensor connection by 8 circular connector M12;
  • Dimensions 200mm x 100mm x 80mm;
  • Input 2 mV/V, 10 mV/V, PT1000, 0...10V;
  • Sampling interval 30s ... 1440s;
  • External power supply 10V DC ... 28VDC;
  • Internal battery Li-Ion 3,7V, 10000 mAh;
  • Integrated battery recharging;