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Lost folders with pictures

Verfasst: Do 2. Jul 2015, 12:05
von agbjarn
Good day!

Last week we had a competition in Iceland where about 1000 cyclists cycled around the country, day and night. The distance covered in the WOW Cyclothon is about 1400 km. The first of the competitors managed this in only 36 hours.


Our engineering company Verkis ( had two teams in the competition. We installed two smartpones with the Mobilewebcam app inside the front window of two minibuses that followed our teams. Both smartphones transmitted a picture every 30 seconds to our folders on, which we automatically copied “live” to our website

We have a 5 GB space on divided into 3 subfolders, Verkis1, Verkis2 and Verkis3. The folders Verkis1 and Verkis2 contained all our pictures from the two cameras. (About 9000 pictures and 600 Mb).

Our mistake was that before upgrade the folders were set to 7 days. As we had problems with the FTP access we lost most of the pictures in before we could download them.

We managed only to save the pictures from folder 2015-06-25.

Is there any possibility that you can recover folders for 2015-06-23 and 2015-06-24?

I can mail you the login name and password for Verkis if needed.

Best regards.

Agust Bjarnason


Re: Lost folders with pictures

Verfasst: Fr 3. Jul 2015, 05:54
von Kabelitz
i am sorry, the server stores only last 5 days.
Best regards