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Verfasst: So 6. Jan 2013, 13:28
von Kabelitz offers a free service for WebCams / Surveillance Cams, based on mobilewebcam App and others.

The opensource serverside scripts are installed, and per default a nice looking gallery presents your images.

In the Change settings section you may
  • select between the two different gallery types (opensource-style / minigalnano-style)
  • configure the storage period of your images
  • and more...

The FREE service includes 50MB of memory and maximum 7 days of storage period.
Other services from 1,90 Euro/month to 8,90 Euro/month are available.

Next step: Alarm services and The App TriggerME, which adds a PIR sensor and motion trigger to mobilewebcam.

Re: Website

Verfasst: Sa 12. Jan 2013, 13:11
von janisalnis
Very nice server indeed.
May be it is possible to have an option in settings to make camera public.
I dont like to log in every time.
And this would allow to display gallery on some other homepage.

Re: Website

Verfasst: So 13. Jan 2013, 09:25
von Kabelitz
Hello janisalnis,
thank you for the feedback.

You need the login only, when you want to manage your account, e.g. to change your password, or to change the limits, to change the camera status.

Per default, your camera is status "show". Then you give others the link, e.g.

When you are logged in, you can change the status of your camera: set it to "hide", then you must be logged in to see the pictures.

Next week i want to add a command "publish": in this status, the camera is presented at the home page of
And: we plan to add a status "protect": then the directory is protected with a .htaccess, and you can share user and password with friends.
And: some more documentation.

Let me know if you have some ideas, what we could improve / implement.
I think about creating zip-files, creating avi videos, links to share images, and creating a special folder for each user, where is no time limit, if one wants to keep some pictures..

Best regards

Re: Generating Timelaps Videos

Verfasst: So 20. Jan 2013, 12:34
von Kabelitz
i think, we will offer timelapse videos soon
all files in one folder --> generate a video;
if we implement a "favorites folder", we can select images, put them into favorites folder, and generate a video.

I had some difficulties with ffmpeg: it only run, if i use "mencoder" first:
use mencoder first,
then ffmpeg,
as described here:

Installation of ffmpeg: ... h-yum.html

Re: Website

Verfasst: Do 21. Feb 2013, 14:03
von cooper512
Is it possible to download all pictures in cam dir at once, e.g. with a FTP access?

Re: Website

Verfasst: So 24. Feb 2013, 00:02
von Kabelitz
Hello cooper,
actually it is not possible. But i want to install a feature, that you can create and download a zipfile with all images.
In about 3 weeks...
Best regards

Re: Website

Verfasst: Di 26. Feb 2013, 00:29
von Kabelitz
Best introduction to responsive webdesign: ... 13

Re: Website

Verfasst: Do 27. Jun 2013, 07:00
von alexsusu
I read with great interest the website.
I also looked at the MobileWebCam application for Android.
I also developed a similar open-source application working for a few mobile platforms (Symbian, Android, WinCE, iOS) - see (or The media is stored on YouTube and a dedicated server. My application is written mostly in Python (smartphone client, etc) - this also allowed me to easily port it to other platforms.
Let me know if you have questions.

With best regards,
Alex Susu

Re: Website Gallery Access

Verfasst: Di 5. Jul 2016, 11:41
von ThomasK

habe unsere Webcam "mf-rom" über MobileWebcam erfolgreich eingerichtet und in Betrieb genommen. Der Zugriff auf die Bilder ist per .htaccess geschützt. Leider hat man nach Aufruf der Seite zur Gallery nur Zugang nach Login.
Lässt sich das so ändern, dass meine Kameraden nach Eingabe der über .htaccess festgelegten Zugangskennung auch auf die Gallery Zugriff haben?

Danke schon mal, und viele Grüße

Re: Website

Verfasst: Di 5. Jul 2016, 12:54
von ThomasK
Hi, again me ...

Cam Name: "mf-rom", based on MobileWebcam.

I did some tests related to my issue that there is no access to our gallery without logging in:
Clicking on the Gallery results in: <please Login to visit gallery "mf-rom">

I found out that as soon as I set the .htaccess to "open", there is access for everybody to the latest picture as well as to the gallery.
When I re-enable .htaccess by setting it to status "closed", after giving .htaccess defined username/password, I can see the latest picture, but - as shown above - no access to the gallery without login.

I want to pass the .htaccess user/password to my club colleagues, so that they have access to the latest picture as well as to the gallery, without being public to the rest of the world.

Can this be managed in any way?

Thanks and best regards