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Ideas / Suggestions / Improvements / Todo-List

Verfasst: So 30. Sep 2012, 17:00
von Kabelitz
Important Tasks mobilewebcam app:
  • Camera Resolution / too small pics;
  • SMS command "refresh xxx" is not working
  • integrate broadcast POWER_CONNECTED or SCREEN_ON in background mode (hardware trigger function)

Less important tasks mobilewebcam app:
  • Display of Voltage, not capacity in percents

Edit 02.11.2012:
Problems solved in version 2.58:
Picture size "custom" is workig perfect;
Intent com.dngames.mobilewebcam.PHOTO takes 1 photo;

Serverside scripts

Verfasst: Fr 2. Nov 2012, 16:34
von Kabelitz
actual version of serverside scripts:
Version 1.01 ... loads/list

future development:
  • allow to activate password protection via .htaccess and to define a individual password
  • allow to recover password via email service
  • configuration window; enter parameters like "delete files after number of days".
  • archive function: allow to move selected files into an archive, where the files will not be deleted;
  • allow different "number of days" and different "megabytes of storage volume" for free service and for service with costs

opensource password protection and recovery scripts and gallery scripts may be useful;

nice gallery script:

Login / Password Protection

Verfasst: Sa 3. Nov 2012, 09:58
von Kabelitz

Re: Ideas / Suggestions / Improvements / Todo-List

Verfasst: Mo 5. Nov 2012, 08:27
von QME

Re: Serverside Scripts

Verfasst: So 25. Nov 2012, 17:34
von Kabelitz
Version 1.02 is online;
New features:
* the gallery script manages several cameras in subfolders
* added command "delete"; command "copy to archive" is not ready in this version
* added some kind of navigation in image.php
* installation of gallery scripts is possible in your http-root OR in a subfolder of http_root
* upload of images is possible in the folder, where the gallery scripts are or in a subfolder relative to the gallery script (recommended, when you have more than one camera)
* in this version i disabled the link to mjpeg, i had no time to test it, but you may remove the comment-tags

Next Steps:
* 1) add copy function, which copys images in a separate folder, which is not deleted after "number of days";
* 2) add "admin-site", input fields for User and Password;
* 3) if logged in, offer a logout button; only if logged in, show the "delete" and "copy" function
* 4) offer a registration site (root of gallery script); register a new subfolder;

details for 2)
in the admin site, allow several configurations:
* 2a) add a checkbox "public" or "private". if private, the gallery is only shown when logged in

details for 4)
* 4a) in the regisration site, show links to all public sites
* 4b) allow to register: email-address, password, folder name for gallery
* 4c) allow to get lost password

Re: Ideas / Suggestions / Improvements / Todo-List

Verfasst: Fr 17. Jan 2014, 16:22
von caredian
I think can be useful to provide 2 new SMS commands:
- shutdown
- shot, to take an asyncronous photo.
Many thanks

Re: Ideas / Suggestions / Improvements / Todo-List

Verfasst: Sa 18. Jan 2014, 18:52
von Kabelitz
Hello caredian,
in the mobilewebcam app the following SMS commands are available:

shutdown is not available. it would request root rights like reboot.

Best regards

Re: Ideas / Suggestions / Improvements / Todo-List

Verfasst: So 19. Jan 2014, 20:57
von caredian
Ok, I know that shutdown request root rights, but my problem is this:
I need to control a remote site for a long time, but, when I will stay
there in summer, I would like to turn off the entire webcam system (power supply and
smartphone) without opening the box. I'll use an old Huawey Ideos that
has a power button that I can operate from outside the box to switch on it.
Do you think it can be useful for other users too ?
Many tanks

Re: Ideas / Suggestions / Improvements / Todo-List

Verfasst: Mo 20. Jan 2014, 06:31
von Kabelitz
Hello Andrea,
you could interrupt power supply with an external switch.

More difficult is to switch on without opening the box.

With some smartphones it is possible: Just fix the power on button with tape and rubber, that it is pressed always.
Then it will switch on, when power is connected.
It seems to work with ST15i, but not with LG-E400.

Date and Time will be lost. Perhaps an additional App is needed to set date and time (which requires root).

Best regards