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How to delete Data in GSV-4GPRS Datalogger?

Verfasst: Mi 19. Jun 2013, 18:14
von ivan
the prepaid sim-card of my datalogger was expired. The datalogger continued logging, but data-transfer was stopped since beginning of may.
Now the simcard is recharged, and the logger tries to upload all the data in his memory. this procedure takes about two hours, and nearly at the end of data-transfer something fails.

In result the internal buffered data is not deleted, and upload restarts again and again.

How can i stop uploading data?

Re: How to delete Data in GSV-4GPRS Datalogger?

Verfasst: Mi 19. Jun 2013, 18:49
von Kabelitz
Hello Ivan

since Firmware Version 1.53 there is a SMS command "delete", which deletes internal buffer per SMS.

As i can see, your logger is Version 1.46, and the SMS command "delete" is not implemented.

For some reason the checksum of the databuffer seems to be wrong, and this is the reason why the logger is trying to upload again and again.
But as i can see, nearly all data are uploaded and the seem to be correct.

If you meet the logger tomorrow for changeing battery, please take a RS232 cable (a 1:1 cable, one side male, other side female), perhaps an USB to RS232 converter and a notebook.

1) Install the software RSTERM.exe (just unzip into a folder and start rsterm.exe)
2) power off the logger
3) Open the logger and set the "programming jumpers" (normally they are inside the logger. If not: you will need some jumpers, and some more help...
4) connect the RS232 cable between logger and notebook
5) start the software rsterm
6) open the COM Port (the logge is still off!!!)
7) power on the logger, an during the first 5 seconds send AT and AT k0 command (see screenshot)

8) step 4 on screenshot: open Tellit python
9) follow the steps 1...4 of the next screenshot

(type gsv* at step 1 and klick "R"; klick AT#LSCRIPT, mark the files gsv1.txt, gsv1.bak, gsv2.txt and gsv2.bak; klick AT#DSCRIPT;

close the program; remove the programming jumpers, start the logger...
hope this helps...

Re: How to delete Data in GSV-4GPRS Datalogger?

Verfasst: Do 20. Jun 2013, 15:38
von Kabelitz
Which Jumpers must be set for programming mode?

Hardware version until 2011

Hardware Version since 2012

The best way is to upload the files gsv1.txt, gsv1.bak, gsv2.txt and gsv2.bak to the datalogger.
Unzip the file
1. Click on the bue link: "working folder click to change" and show where you unzipped the 4 files.
2. Click on button R, Mark the 4 files and upload them with button "Upload selected files..."